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Mushroom’s lover? In Andorra you will enjoy!

Autumn comes with rain, coolest and wet days .. but also with the exquisite mushrooms that, from one day to the next, fill in the Andorran forests. Whether you like to collect them, or if you prefer them well cooked as an accompaniment to a good meat dish, we have no doubt that in Andorra you will be able to enjoy the mushroom season like nowhere else on the planet.

Where to find mushrooms?
As sure as you know, true hunters never reveal exactly where they found mushrooms. They all have their secret corner that they will never tell us … but we are going to give you some clues so that you can go out into the forest and come back with some fungi in the basket! ☺
Some of the most popular areas in the country to go mushroom hunting are: the forests of Coll d’Ordino and Coll de Pal, the area of La Rabassa in Sant Julià de Lòria, and the area of Sorteny. In these areas it is easy to see cars parked from early in the morning … and as the saying does: “God Helps Those Who Wake Up Early” (or at least you will be sure that no one has benn before you trying to collect mushrooms)

Be prudent and respect the forest
Although they may seem trivial, these are two basic tips if you want to gather mushrooms. First of all, it is recommended to collect only the mushrooms that you really known. When in doubt, they should never be consumed since they could cause intoxications that can be lethal. So, if you do not have it clear, you can pick up one of them to ask some of the village elders what the mushroom is about. Surely they will be happy to share with you their wisdom about the species in the country!
Another important issue is to respect the forest. When collecting mushrooms, it is vital not to damage the low forest around them, as this will prevent them from growing in the same place. In addition, it is recommended to use a wicker basket and not go in groups too big because the excess of footprints will harm the soil in which these mushrooms are to be born.
And for the most gourmets … find them at the table!
If you have no idea of mushrooms in the forest, but you love to savor them at table, you will enjoy the typical dishes of our mountain cuisine. Cream of boletus, risotto with mushrooms, sautéed prawns with mushrooms, meatballs with “carreroles”, rabbit with “moixerons”, grilled rolls … A taste for the senses that is worth giving away.

So this fall season, come and enjoy the mushrooms in Andorra.
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