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Mountain cuisine, Andorran cuisine

When the warm weather arrives in the Principality of Andorra, our country kitchen becomes a little lighter. We say slighter because good soups and stews are not left out but add in our diet, very complete salads. The andorran’s cuisine is traditional and logically mountain. It is a rich, varied and quality cuisine based on the products and cultivated field, preferably at home. In fact, it is very similar to the one that is closest in Catalan regions, such as the Cerdanya and Alt Urgell but also taking other elements of the French and Italian cuisines.

Typical dishes of Andorran cuisine highlights the escudella (vegetable stew). A dish that has a lot of output in both winter and summer. And is that the low temperatures that accompany us during the year, especially at night, make a good stew always wanted. The onion soup is also a good alternative if you prefer a hot dish without charging too much. Now if what you want is to start lightly food, good roasted aubergine (eggplant and red pepper made baked) with anchovies is a good choice.

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is mainly marked by Andorra nature of mountain valleys. So in the national cuisine we found both beef and rabbit, goat and lamb. It must be said that the name “Carn d’Andorra” (Andorran meat), is, today, registered as Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) since October 2013. This stamp warranties consumers that, apart from being originary from a certified source, the product meets the quality requirements and procedures specific to the territory development. So after a good tour , what can be better than try and taste a good piece of meat of the country, such as a shoulder of lamb or a lamb ribs Pyrenees.

But traditional country kitchen does need a good fish. Trout is one of the most consumed fish and you will find it cooked in different ways, either baked or fried, grilled. Cod, hake, cuttlefish and salmon also have a good start. But we must not forget the rice mountain. A dish that is usually applied with hikers and tourists who visit us.

And of course, the desserts end up putting the icing on the Andorran cuisine. Here we also see the influence of the kitchen around us with Catalan cream, crepes, mousses ….

If we have managed to whet your appetite, there is no doubt that the next step is to try some of these proposals. You will find them in the summer  menus we suggest in the restaurant of the Hotel del Tarter.

Remember that the restaurant is open to everyone who wants to eat well and cheaply in Andorra, whether or not hotel customers.