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Family Hiking on the Camí del Gall in Canillo

The start of spring invites you to take mountain routes and excursions. Some are more accessible, and others require a certain level of difficulty, like the circular route in Canillo that we told you about in our last post. But this time, we bring you an easy and entertaining route that’s perfect for families, the Camí del Gall, which will delight both young and old alike.

The Camí del Gall in Canillo

It’s an easy-level route with little elevation that passes through different terrains, such as forests, meadows, and bridges. It’s perfect for families with children, as it’s well-marked with signs that explain the points along the way. It starts near the Canillo cable car at 1535 meters and goes up to Soldeu at 1830 meters of altitude. It’s a 7-kilometer route with 285 meters of elevation gain. This mountain trail is named after the native capercaillie of these Pyrenean regions. In fact, the signs are accompanied by a red rooster that will guide you and ensure that you’re on the right path. 😉

Panoramic Views

As we said, it’s an easy excursion to do with your family, and it’s well-marked. It’s ideal to reserve a morning or an afternoon for it. The first stop on the trail is a small natural viewpoint with views of the Bordas del Vilar and the Seig river. Continuing on, you’ll find a bridge that crosses the river and another viewpoint to see the waterfall in the Vall del Riu. 500 meters away is the Mandurana forest and another set of Bordas (these are typical mountain houses in Andorra and the Pyrenees). From here, you’ll have to climb up to the area known as Las Marradas, where there’s a dry stone wall and a small Tibetan bridge. After reaching the Ransol dam, you’ll need to zigzag up the Tarter ski slopes until you reach a picnic area. It’s a well-deserved moment to stop and have a snack. Once you’ve recharged your energy, it’s time to climb and cross the Avetar river and the Collart bridge that crosses the Valira de Orient river. Finally, you’ll arrive in the village of Soldeu. The bus stop to return to the hotel is 200 meters from the end of the route, and buses usually run every hour.

Flora and Fauna on the Camí del Gall

The signs also mark the different species of flora and fauna along the route. Mainly, the forests and meadows are composed of red pine, rhododendrons, bearberry, chicory, or blue buttons. The animals that are part of this environment are usually foxes, squirrels, crows, or as we said before, the capercaillie that gives its name to the trail. You’ll likely see signs of their presence, but it’ll be very difficult to spot them during the hike.

It’s an ideal excursion to do in spring when the thaw arrives and all the vegetation and nature start to bloom after winter. But you can also reserve it in the months when the heat is more intense, as it passes through many points inside the forest and areas where there’s more shade that are cooler. Although it’s an easy route and close to the hotel, we recommend that you go well-equipped with good footwear and that you bring water and something to eat. We’ll provide you with comfort and rest after this wonderful circuit. You can now book your summer vacation room on our website.