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Hiking in Andorra: the circular route of Andorra

Now it’s time to swap ski boots for hiking shoes. When the winter season comes to an end, it’s time to enjoy hiking in the mountains. So today we want to share with you a very complete route that requires a good level of fitness: the Canillo circular route. If you love nature and trekking, and you are looking for new experiences… you will love this excursion.


The circular route in the parish of Canillo
It is a demanding route, classified as difficult and long-distance with a distance of 30 kilometres. So you will need a good physical preparation and experience in the mountains to do it.
The route goes around the whole parish of Canillo and passes through emblematic spots, mountain villages, forests, paths and valleys. The interesting thing is that it runs along both sides of the parish, which is the most characteristic of its contrasts, going up the sunny side and down the shady side. The route is signposted by the symbol of the coloured flower of Canillo.

Points of interest on the Canillo circular trekking
The route starts in the village of Canillo near the Santa Creu hermitage, next to the Comú (town hall) and continues along the Prats road.
It goes along different types of tracks, woods, meadows, stone paths and in some areas it coincides with the road and asphalted area.
Some of the places it passes through are the sanctuary of Meritxell, the famous 7-armed cross and the church of Sant Miquel de Prats, the latter of which is in Romanesque style. You will also visit the curious natural formation “la Roca del Home Mort (the dead man’s rock)”. It passes through the most representative valleys of the country, such as the Montaup Valley, Incles or the famous Vall del Riu. At many points it follows the course of the river Valira d’Orient, which is a tributary of the Gran Valira. You will discover typical mountain villages: Els Plans or Ransol and hamlets such as Mereig or Armania. Not forgetting the impressive views of the peaks of Casamanya, Estanyó, Alt Juclar and Escobes, which you will see along the way.

This is a hiking route in Andorra that can be done in a single day, lasting between 9 and 11 hours, or you can also do it in stages over several days. The important thing is that you enjoy the mountain at your own pace. However, if you want to play it safe, you can consider hiring an experienced mountain guide. Apart from guiding you on the right path, he or she will also give you indications on how to experience the mountain safely and will adapt to your level.

If you are interested in mountain trekking in Andorra, from the Hotel del Tarter we can arrange this kind of services. You only have to make us know when you book your room.