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Are you already thinking about skiing in Andorra? Get ready!

You feel like snow, don’t you? The date for putting your skis on again is approaching …It is less than 3 months to the start of the season, so we would like to give you some tips so you can prepare for the big day.

Strengthen your legs!

To ski you need to have a strong and toned muscles to prevent your joints from suffering. Thus you will avoid injuries in delicate areas such as the ankles, knees or hips. Start today with squats and lunges. Set yourself some series before leaving home every morning, and you’ll see how you get to December with stronger legs

Prepare your abs and core
We don’t usually bother much about them, but it’s well worth bothering! When skiing, much of the tension is concentrated in this area. So you need to do some crunches, especially with rotations that work the sides more. We also recommend working on the lumbar area to strengthen the whole core.

Some aerobic exercise
Even if you are among those who stop mid-morning to take a break, you know that to fully enjoy your ski day you need a minimal amount of stamina. To train this, try to do some aerobic activity at moderate intensity, for at least half an hour, and 2 days a week. Running, cycling, walking fast, using the elliptical trainer are amongst some of the options for you to increase your stamina.

With this simple routine, all that is left to do is to book your hotel plus ski package in Grandvalira and start to cross days off on the calendar. The start date of the season is approaching fast. Don’t be caught off guard!