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Why is it important for children to learn to ski with a monitor?

Ski season is practically here and the slopes will soon open their doors. If you are a fan of this mountain sport, you will not only be waiting for this moment, but you will want your children to enjoy it with you. But, how to teach the youngest ones everything they need to know to ski? Here’s why choosing a monitor may be the best way to introduce them to ski.

Learn while playing
Although the ski level of the parents may be very high, it is advisable that the children learn with a monitor, since he knows the proper techniques to teach them. They will adapt the class to the age, level and needs of each child, assuring them a correct initiation in the sport.
Although we are passionate about descending the slopes, this will be their first contact with them, and our stress or lack of patience when seeing them fall can take away the willing to practice this sport and see it in a negative way. Not to mention the attitude of the little ones after a fall. What with parents would become a real tantrum and a refusal to continue with ski day, with a monitor can be a most fun situation after which the little one will rise and will continue to try.
Remember that it has to be a leisurely and calm learning, so they can enjoy and want to get back on their skis.

The best environment to start loving the snow
The largest ski area in the Pyrenees, Grandvalira, is the ideal place for children to start skiing.
In these tracks, located a few meters away from our hotel, you will find more than 400 specialized monitors who will make their best to teach your children.
If you they are between 3 and 5 years old, the Mon(t) Màgic program awaits them, a day full of fun and skiing with other children of their same age. In it, they will discover the world of snow and skiing through games, activities and collective classes given by a specialized monitor. And all of this in an exclusive environment for them, full of magic and characters.

Come and enjoy the snow in Andorra, and introduce your little ones to the world of skiing, accompanied by the best monitors.