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Summer sales in Andorra – make the most of them!

On June the 22th, the summer sales kick off in Andorra, and will last until September the 2nd. So if you are planning your summer holidays in the Pyrenean Country, keep them in mind! You can rest and enjoy nature activities, as well as spending some time looking for your favourite products at the best price.

Here you have some tips that will help you to get the most out of the summer sales:

Demand the same quality
Sales are a period in which stores offer their products at a lower price (but without altering their quality). An item on sale (no matter how cheap it may be) should not have defects (unless it is explicitly highlighted and the price is greatly reduced)

Clear and visible discount
As a general rule, the product label must inform us about the normal price and the discounted one, with the discount applied. This will make it easier for us to decide whether it is or is not a bargain.

Be careful with “Up to” and “From” discounts
As a marketing strategy, some shops indicate visibly on posters a large discount percentage (60% or 70% for example) with a small note “up to”. When going through the checkout, you can be unpleasantly surprised and find that your items were not so greatly reduced ☹
Something similar happens with the “prices from” … An eye-catching claim that will draw us into the store but which actually corresponds to only a few items.

Andorra’s great commercial tradition ensures that shops play clean during the sales periods, so you can buy with total security in the over 1500 stores that will soon be displaying their promotional offers. You will notice that in big fashion and accessory brands, perfumery and pharmacy, price differences are highly attractive. We also recommend these simple tricks to avoid compulsive purchases:

When faced with a product on sale, ask yourself the following: If this product were at its regular price, would I buy it?
Pay in cash and not with a card: this way you will have better control over how much you spend and set a clear limit.
Although it is normal to allow yourself the odd treat in the sales (and that’s absolutely fine) try to think about whether you really need the product you are about to buy and if you will use it. No matter how cheap or attractive the applied discount is, if you don’t then use the product, it will end up being a very expensive folly!

This summer, book your room with mountain views. Enjoy nature and gastronomy in Andorra, and use the summer sales as an excuse to stroll through the country’s commercial area.
We look forward to seeing you!