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After the quarantine enjoy a well-deserved summer holiday in Andorra

The health measures introduced worldwide as a result of the Coronavirus last March have forced us to change our lives completely. We now have to adapt to a new reality by staying at home and in many cases postponing or cancelling our plans. In spite of this, we still like to think that this summer we will go out and travel again.

Exceptional measures because of the Coronavirus in Andorra

Like any other country in the world, Andorra has implemented health and safety measures to stop the spread of Covid-19. Since 14 March, we have been living under obligatory confinement in our homes and we are only allowed to go out to buy basic products.
From this date, the only businesses open are those that offer food, pharmacies or gas stations, and the activities that can be done from home with teleworking. But all other shops, service companies, leisure, restaurants and hotels are closed, having finished the ski season a month earlier, as a preventive measure. Also the kindergartens, schools and institutes have been closed and the school year has been followed online from home.
Thanks to these measures, it has been possible to reduce the number of infections from this pandemic and not to saturate the hospital or the ICU. The good prospects have meant that since 15 April, new measures have been decreed to exempt people from confinement so that they can go out for walks and physical activity outside. In order to avoid crowding and new transmissions of coronavirus, a series of rules have been established that must be complied with. It is only possible to go out on alternate days, for a maximum of one hour and 2 kilometres from the home. There are certain areas of the day when you can go for a run or walk, or go for a walk or shopping. Other times of the day are reserved exclusively for vulnerable people and people over 70 years of age.
In addition, as of Monday 20 April, other businesses have reopened their doors applying the first phase of the economic opening.

This summer, after the quarantine, you deserve a holiday in Andorra
Now that people are starting to talk about reopening businesses and going out, and temperatures are starting to rise, you are going to be looking forward to making plans for your summer vacation, aren’t you?
Moreover, the latest news from the European Union today is optimistic, as the borders could start to open up from 15 May.
Andorra is the perfect place to go on holiday after the obligatory confinement, to completely change the atmosphere and have the opportunity to breathe the pure mountain air. Without forgetting how close it is and that you can move around with your own car. Apart from being a nearby destination to enjoy with the whole family, it is ideal if you want to escape from the typical summer crowds. It is a quiet place with pleasant temperatures: warm during the day and cool nights that will allow you to sleep soundly.
If you like the contact with nature, you will be able to enjoy incredible natural places without having to go to the high mountains. You will find lakes, valleys and nature trails of very easy access, where you can go for a walk and even with small children. Perhaps life will change after this stage, but what the landscapes and natural spots that Andorra offers in summer will remain unchanged.

Right now, you still have to stay at home, but after this situation you deserve a well-deserved holiday in Andorra to disconnect and recharge your energy. Are you in?