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3 reasons why Andorra is going to be the best place for your holidays after quarantine

Now that you’re an expert in making cookies, you’ve fit yourself in with Instagram Live, and you’ve seen the whole catalogue of streaming platform series, it’s time to start thinking about the holidays. How about some fresh air? It’s the best plan to completely “de-confine” yourself when you can return to sightseeing.

Here are three reasons why Andorra will be the ideal destination for your holidays as soon as the quarantine is over and we can travel again.
1) You will experience nature for yourself.
Here you will enjoy the mountains very closely and without filters. You will breathe pure air again, while you are filled with the scents of the mountain. Do you remember the smell of freshly wet grass? Looking at the stars at night so close that you feel like you can touch them… and in the morning, waking up to the sound of the birds.
Did you know that 90% of our country is covered with forests, lakes and meadows? Which means that only 10% of the territory is built land. You can spend hours and hours enjoying nature in its purest state, and you will never get tired of discovering new hidden corners. And many of them are easily accessible so you can go with the whole family.

2) A safe country without crowds
In Andorra, it will be easy for you to escape from the big crowds.
During confinement, transport has been reduced to 80%. We are a small country with fewer citizens than we would find in a large city, but this does not mean that we have not been able to protect ourselves from the pandemic. On the contrary, as a result of good management by local authorities, it has been possible to stop contagion in time and not to overwhelm the health system at any time. Furthermore, Andorra will be one of the first countries in the world to carry out an antibody test on the entire population in order to find out about the exposure and penetration of the disease.

3) Andorra as a domestic destination
In this regard, the country has begun negotiations with neighbouring countries so that when movements within national territories are allowed, the Principality will be considered as one more area of this countries. This would be ideal to welcome back tourists from the local area. In the case of Spain, the country would be treated as a domestic destination and in the case of France, people leaving and re-entering their country would avoid going through quarantine again.

We would love this to happen very soon because we are looking forward to seeing you and sharing with you the wonders that nature has to offer.