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Prepare your ski equipment and book your snow holiday

Good news: the start of the season is just around the corner! Grandvalira Resorts has announced that the Andorran slopes will open from 1 December 2023 to 7 April 2024.
If you don’t want to be run out on a rail, here you will find some tips for you to have all your ski equipment ready for the start of the season. This will help you get the most out of your snow holiday in Andorra from the very first minute 😉

Check your boards
To get your skis and snowboard in good condition before you hit the slopes, it’s important to repair scratches and scuffs, polish the edges and check the bindings. You can do this on your own when it’s a simple tune-up. But if you detect a malfunction in the bindings, if you see that the boards are deeply scratched or if you don’t have experience in such tasks, the best thing to do is taking them to a specialised workshop. It is also recommended to do this once a year for a general overhaul of the equipment.

Clean your boots
Make sure your ski boots are clean. Simply wash them inside with water and neutral soap and then disinfect them. It’s best to leave them well stored and dry after the season is over so they don’t take on a bad shape during the summer months.

Check the poles
Once you’ve got your boards and boots checked over, keep an eye on your ski poles as well. Make sure the handle, strap and rosette are in good condition. If this is not the case, you can either replace the part or consider whether it is time to change them.

Check your glasses
On the one hand, check that the lenses are not scratched and that you have good visibility. On the other hand, check that the padding covering the glasses is still in good condition and that the strap is not worn.

Test the condition of the clothes you are going to wear.
This point is also very important. It may happen that from one season to the next, even if only 8 to 9 months have passed, an item of clothing may not fit or may need to be replaced. The best thing to do is to try everything on beforehand. The jacket, the ski trousers, the socks, the snow gloves, the thermal clothing and… All the clothes you are going to wear! This way you can check that everything is in optimum condition. And if not, you’ll have time to buy some of the ski equipment you need.

Get a head start on winter. Start preparing all your ski equipment and book your holidays in the snow from 1 December at the Hotel del Tarter.