Hotel del Tarter

Ctra. N-II El Tarter AD100 Canillo Principado de Andorra.
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Learning to ski in Andorra

It’s never too late to start skiing, and even less if you can count on the best facilities and professionals to help you in your task ☺
If you have never skied but the temptation to go down the snowy tracks knocks at your door, do not turn a deaf ear and dash into the adventure! Grandvalira offers you multiple options for beginners and a great team of instructors that will help you get started in skiing.

Children and ski

If you already ski and you want your little one to follow in your footsteps, it is best to sign up for one of the children’s courses offered by Grandvalira. This way you will ensure that his o her bases in this sport are the right ones, at the same time you will see how your little skier progresses and has fun in the snow.
For example, Grandvalira’s Mon (t) Magic program is designed for children between 3 and 8 years old to have a great time with their monitors while combining ski lessons, games and adventure activities.
If you prefer to be the one to teach your son skiing, do not miss the Circuit
“Bababoom Circus”. A fun tour that you will find in the El Tarter sector in Grandvalira based on the magic of the circus. Those in charge of the Ski and Snowboard School of the station, consciously prepare these circuits so that the youngest ones improve their technique by avoiding tests and obstacles.

Start skiing as an adult
You will not be the first nor the last who tries and gets it. So, forget about prejudices and try it.
In this case, we strongly recommend that you hire one of the ski lessons offered by Grandvalira. You can choose between private classes or collective classes, always adapted to the debutant level.
Starting with a monitor will give you this extra confidence that we need so much at the beginning. In addition, in the case of collective classes, you will see that there are others as you also start in the ski without any complex.

The equipment: an essential element.
If there is something that we should never forge is to go well equipped. If you are going to try skiing for the first time, rent your ski equipment (skis, sticks, boots and helmet).
Do not skimp on textiles and dress in layers: A first layer (t-shirt and thermal mesh for the coolest or on days of very low temperatures). A second layer (polar linings, pants, hats, polar gloves…) to insulate yourself thermally. And a third layer, or outer layer (ski jumpsuit or pants and anorak) that must be waterproof to protect you from the wind, as well as being breathable.

Make your reservation!
If you already have it clear, you only need one thing: where to sleep!
In our hotel you will enjoy a familiar and cozy atmosphere, on the foot of the slopes at El Tarter sector of Grandvalira. You will sleep like a brick in our rooms, before going through our restaurant to get energized before your ski day.

And do not forget to check our ski package in Grandvalira!