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A walk through one of the unknown places in Andorra: the Vall d’Incles

Summer is a great time to get lost in the mountains of Andorra.. During this season, the country offers you the opportunity to learn about its natural wealth, which is not short. Today we suggest you to discover the Vall d’Incles and Juclar’s Lake, a fairly unknown area for our visitors and even among most residents of the country.

juclar3The Vall d’Incles is a U-shaped valley -a fact which betrays its glacial origin- which has remained quite wild. Every spring after the snow melts, the colors explode in an exultant manner in the form of a multitude of mountain flowers of all colors. In fact, this is the same place where we can meet and observe closely one of the country’s most typical flowers: “Grandalla”.

The Vall d’Incles is very easy to find and it is just five minutes drive from the hotel. After a kilometer following Soldeu – France direction, before crossing the bridge you will find in a curve, turn left heading towards Vall d’Incles and after a hundred meters you can park the car. You also have the option to leave the car at the campsite you will find at the entrance to the valley itself (a good alternative if you do this trip with family and / or children). By accessing the valley, we can see in the background the Alt de Juclà (2,541 m). In fact, a good way to explore the valley is doing the route that brings us to the Juclà Lake, the largest of Andorra, which is surrounded by two peaks: Siscaró and Escobes.

juclarThe route begins along a forest track after crossing the Incles river (road surrounded by dry stone walls, black pine and alpenrose). From here, you should follow the directions you will fond along the way. To access to the Juclà Lake, there are 17 kilometers away with a height of 623 meters, hence the difficulty level is classified as easy.


Keep in mind that in summer the access by car to the Vall d’Incles remains restricted from 10:00 to 18:00 for environmental issues. However, there is a small bus that goes up and down until the end of the road for 3 € /person.