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What to see and what do in Andorra in autumn?

Did you know that Andorra is the country which has the higher ratio of museums per square meter after the Vatican? You can find many types. Those which explain the history of the country; those which are curious, such as the one of miniatures, perfumes, motorcycles or collecting; those dedicated to art, such as the Carmen Thyssen or Columba museum and many more.
In Encamp, a few kilometers from the hotel, you will find two that are very interesting and entertaining. Do you come with us?

The Casa Cristo ethnographic museum

It is a different and very authentic experience since you will have the opportunity to walk through a traditional humble house and see what life was like once in the rural world. The house has barely undergone renovations. It has only been accommodated so that it can open its doors to the public with real objects and furniture from that time. An ideal experience if you go with children to show them how life was before technology arrival. In addition, it is located in a picturesque place: the old town of Encamp. The visit will have already been worth it just for the surroundings.

The national automobile museum of Andorra
If you are passionate about the motor world, here you can enjoy real jewels on wheels. In total you can see eighty vehicles, dating from 1855 to 1970. You will see car’s evolution over time to modernize and to adapt to the environment thanks to technological advances. As a curiosity, there is also a sample of bicycles – about 100 in total – and among them some really old ones. It is an ideal museum for car lovers but also for those who are not so. You can see authentic collector’s pieces, which can only seen on television. You’ll love it!
But you will only find cars and bikes, since motorbikes have their own museum in Canillo, where you can also appreciate unique objects.

After this journey through history, come back to the present and rest in our 3-star mountain hotel and have a good dinner in our restaurant. ?