Hotel del Tarter

Ctra. N-II El Tarter AD100 Canillo Principado de Andorra.
Tel. +376 80 20 80 Fax +376 80 20 81

The natural beauty of Andorra awaits you on your next getaway

When the snow begins to melt, nature awakens and colours everything in its path with spring green. Very close to the hotel, you can discover the country’s most representative flora and fauna.

Andorra is home to more than 1,100 species of plants and flowers. Find out which species are the most representative and which ones you can also find near the hotel:

  • The grandalla is the country’s emblematic flower. It is a daffodil with 6 white petals, a yellow centre and a red crown. Its scientific name is Narcissus Poeticus and it is also known as the poets’ daffodil. It grows in damp, grassy areas in meadows near the mountains and flowers in spring.
  • The “camí del gall” runs behind the hotel. It is so called because it is the habitat of the capercaillie or wood grouse. These animals live in the Pyrenees, at an altitude of over 1,500 metres. We recommend you follow this fun trail, where you will find bridges, caves and you will be in contact with nature. It is very well signposted and you will find panels with explanations of what you will find along the way. You will also come across black pines, raspberries, wild blueberries and other plants.
  • Other typical flowers you will see are lilies and gentians, and shrubs such as rhododendrons. For this, we recommend a walk through the Incles valley, where you can also find Grandallas.
  • This valley is also the starting point for many high mountain excursions to peaks and lakes such as Siscaró or the refuges of Cabana Sorda or Juclà, among others. On these routes, depending on the season, you will have the opportunity to see newts and marmots – the latter make a very curious noise to communicate. Also, birds such as goldfinches and wren. From this point, in August and September, you can see the migration of birds.

Observing nature is a pleasure that is within everyone’s reach in Andorra. There are many easy-access routes and paths through the mountains that allow you to get close to nature and enjoy it.
Make a note of these places for your next getaway in Andorra.