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Rediscover Andorra this summer as you find Tamarros

Let’s go and find Tamarros! This summer we present you a new activity to discover in Andorra. It is an itinerary that will take you all over the country, to easily accessible places where you will find these funny characters. Are you coming?

The route of the Tamarros

This summer go out with your children to explore the seven parishes of Andorra to find Tamarros. You will have a great time discovering magnificent corners and the children will get a reward.
The job is very easy: you just have to go to the Tourist Office, where they will give you a card with the directions. Every time you find a Tamarro you will have to mark it with a special stamp. When you have collected all seven, you will have to show the notebook at the tourist office to receive your reward.
To discover the hiding place of these magical beings, you only have to walk a small mountain road until you find it. A hint: they are very close to picnic areas and points of interest. It is the perfect excuse to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air with the whole family. The routes are suitable for all ages (even with very young children) as the distances are short.

The Tamarros need your help
And also that of the youngest ones. The Tamarros are the protectors of nature and of the forests of the Pyrenees, who fight against a troll called “Brutícia” (dirt). Their mission is to prevent the mountains from being filled with dirt and to keep the flowers, water and animals safe from it.
To help them find their way to our world you have to activate the seven magic portals with a flat stone, which you have to insert into the hole you will find in each portal.
This summer, not only will you enjoy beautiful routes and landscapes, but you will also help the Tamarros to protect the planet.

And after an exciting day with a reward in hand, recover your strength by sleeping peacefully in the Hotel del Tarter.
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