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Andorra is a safe destination to plan your next snow holiday

Below, we tell you about the prevention measures that Andorra is adapting to fight against the coronavirus and to be a safe destination for your next holidays.

Access and move around Andorra

The Andorran borders are open, however, the perimeter closure of Catalonia and the confinement decreed by France means that mobility between countries is limited. We advise you to find out before you travel.
Mobility within the country is not restricted. You can move around freely on foot, by private car and by public transport, while respecting compulsory safety regulations.
There is also no quarantine requirement for travellers from Spain, France, Portugal and the UK, among others. It is only necessary for countries that the Ministry of Health, on the recommendation of official bodies, considers necessary. You can consult it here.

Compulsory health and safety measures for the prevention of Covid
The wearing of the mask is compulsory throughout Andorra, both in closed spaces and on the streets. The use of disinfectant gel is also required to enter shops and premises in general, which is provided by the establishments themselves. Maximum capacity is limited in order to respect the minimum safety distance of 1.5 metres between people. It is recommended to pay by card whenever possible.

What to do if you feel sick during your holiday in Andorra
It is recommended that you call the emergency department and follow the instructions of the medical services that will tell you what to do. Avoid going to the hospital or to a primary care centre without first calling 116.
On the other hand, it is also advisable to travel with a social security travel document if you are a resident of Spain, France or Portugal. For other countries it is better to take out travel insurance.

Activities in Andorra and visits to places of interest during the Covid period
Both the ski resorts (when they will be open) and the museums and other leisure areas have been adapted to meet the health and safety standards set by the government of Andorra. For this reason it is important that you book before you go, but there is no reason to discard them during your holiday.

Eating out in restaurants in Andorra
Restaurants are open but with restrictions that are adapted to the requirements of the country’s health authorities. Currently only 2 people can eat at each table, except for people who are from the same household. The establishment is required to register the details of its customers, so that they can be contacted in the event of contagion being detected. The opening hours are from 12h to 16h and from 19h to 24h and the distance between tables is compulsory. Advance reservations are also recommended.

And at the hotel… Feel totally safe! We have applied the measures to be able to open with total security on January 8th (check them here).
So, we are waiting for you!