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3 tips for traveling with kids

Summer holidays are just around the corner and it’s time to get ready and organize everything to go on a trip.
Taking the road and visiting a new place is always an experience for the little ones.
Here are some tips to make this summer, your family trip to Andorra is perfect.

Do not forget the documentation
Before embarking on the journey, check that you have all the necessary documentation to travel. We recommend doing this a few weeks before the day of departure in case it is necessary to renew a document. If you come to spend the holidays in Andorra, it is very important that you do not miss your passports, the family book if the children are accompanied by their parents or, if they go with people who are not their legal guardians, a special permit to leave the country that You can ask at the police or at the town hall.
In addition, so that you do not have to worry about anything, consult with your country the different health agreements and other possible documents that you should carry.

The exit
If you want to avoid the “How much is missing?” And the “Is there much?” And the children are overwhelmed during the trip, you must choose the best time of day to start your trip. The best option is to choose hours like the first in the morning, or just after eating, since the children will sleep and will not realize that they are traveling.

Inside the car
Although during the trips you are sitting, it is important to recover energy to minimize tiredness. Prepare a bag with bottles of water, some fruit and some snack (and do not forget a plastic bag in case of dizziness!). In addition to avoid boredom, you can carry some board game in travel format or invent your own game for fun during the journey.

Book your stay in Andorra, prepare your luggage and spend a different summer in the Pyrenees.